The Algerian manufacturer of ceramic construction materials – the company SARL GIPAR which belongs to the GROUPE INDUSTRIEL MECHERI – has placed an order with LINGL for the delivery of a complete production facility for backing bricks.
The GROUPE INDUSTRIEL MECHERI is one of the biggest producers of construction material owning several production facilities. Apart from the production of bricks, the privately owned company also operates plants for the production of sewerage pipes, marble plates, promenade tiles, floor tiles and granulates of different sizes.
Whereas the head office is at Bordj Bou Arréridj in the East of Algeria, the brickwork is located at a place called Sidi M’barek, 15 km away from the main head office. The bricks produced by SARL GIPAR have very good mechanical and aesthetical properties resulting in a high compressive strength and a very homogeneous brick-red colour conferring the product a high quality standard compared to the products of the competitors.
The cooperation with SARL GIPAR started in 2002 when LINGL was placed the first order for the delivery of a production line and continued in 2007 by concluding a contract for the delivery of the second production line which was commissioned in 2009. This order was followed by another one comprising a complete production facility and denoting the beginning of a partnership between SARL GIPAR as Algerian producer of ceramic construction material and LINGL as German manufacturer of production facilities for wall bricks and roof tiles.
The new plant is also destined to broaden the product portfolio in order to cope with the various applications of the ceramic products in Algeria.
The decision of SARL GIPAR to choose LINGL once again as supplier for the production engineering „Made in Germany“ makes LINGL feel proud somehow. Being the boom centre of the Maghreb states, Algeria is the key market for LINGL in the years to come. The cooperation with GIPAR will further strengthen the position of LINGL as supplier of quality and as provider of cutting edge technology as well as the position of GIPAR as initiator of a product with increased quality standard making it a real challenge for the other manufacturers both with regard to quality and to aesthetics.

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